CoVID Recovery

Rebuilding our local economy post-pandemic will be challenging, but the devastation and loss of additional lives has the potential to be much worse if we don’t use caution, learn from history, & listen to our public health officials.

Safety & Support

Especially now, we need to make sure we are supporting our most vulnerable citizens, by increasing funding for senior services, improving mental health services, and supporting our essential workers & first responders.

Support Jobs

We need to recruit new businesses to Sedgwick County, help laid off workers, including those in the aircraft industry, to survive this crisis and stay in Sedgwick County. I'll work to safely get folks back to work to save local businesses and industry while supporting workers.

Collaboration & Efficiency

I'll explore ways to work closely with the city, where ever possible, to save taxpayer dollars by combining forces.

I'll work to keep taxes low, especially for working class families and those living in poverty.

Fairness & Accountability

As county budgets tighten due to the economic devastation from the pandemic, I believe commissioner salaries should be cut alongside other cutbacks. Commissioners can't expect county employees and the community to bear this burden alone.