"Having worked with Mike Iuen throughout much of his broadcast career, I know that his honesty, judgment, and friendship have been his defining characteristics. His pursuit of a 'public' office would be a 'win' for the community. Mike is capable, dedicated, and thoroughly professional. The people of Sedgwick County would be well-served to have someone like Mike represent them."

Lynn ROgers, Lt. GOvernor

"I'm excited Mike is stepping up at this time. He knows how to ask tough questions which will serve his constituents well. He will make a great addition to the Sedgwick County Commission."

BonnIE Bing

"I've known Mike Iuen for 30 years. In that time I've worked with him professionally, co-hosted charity events, and been a fellow cast member of Gridiron, a show that raises money for journalism scholarships. Not only is Mike held in high esteem as a journalist, but as a proud Wichitan who has always been a good ambassador for our city and Sedgwick County. He is a fair and loyal person who would strive to make our part of Kansas even better."

John Speer, Mayor of Kechi

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike for more than 30 years and have found him to be a level-headed thinker who understands the importance of listening to both sides and being a consensus builder. Mike certainly understands how county government works and has demonstrated this over the years as a respected, responsible journalist."

Mary Wright, Old Mill Tasty Shop

I have been acquainted with Mike for 30+ years, and would love to see him serve on the Sedgwick County Commission. Mike is trustworthy-- I always know what I hear from him is unbiased and factual. Mike is loyal and has a love for all things Wichita!"